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Petanque Picnic

Picnic in the Park 004We had a great day on Sunday 18th. with lots of lovely food ranging from pork pies to a cooked salmon and trifles to flapjacks. The weather stayed kind to us and  we played a timed game first then ate and had a second game after.
Our local PCSO Tom and his colleague called in and Robin had a turn round the terrain on Tom’s bike.
Picnic in the Park 010
 Well done to all who contributed and the usual team for organising it especially Sue.
More pictures in the Gallery

Summer Melee – August 11th

Amanda won all 3 games and was top of the charts. Brendan did as well for a 2nd place and Sue was 3rd. E & OE. It looks like a 2 horse race… Last event and presentation of Trophy to winner September 1st.

 Apr May Jun  Jul  Aug  Sep Total Adj
Rita 11 13 13 2.5 39.5 37
Sue 5 8 11 12 11 47 34
Nigel 13 7 12 8.5 40.5 33.5
Jack 12 6.5 8 10 36.5 30
Amanda 0 6.5 10 13 29.5 29.5
Sandra B 8 5 9.5 11 8.5 42 29
Robin 9 9 9.5 27.5 27.5
Richard 10 10 5 25 25
Kevin 13 7 20 20
Phil 11 8 19 19
Brendan 0 0.5 5 12 17.5 17.5
Sandy 12 0.5 2 14.5 14.5
Malcolm 4 2 7 13 13
Bob 3 3.5 4 10.5 10.5
Alasdair 7 3 10 10
Maureen 2 6 2 10 10
Christine A 4 6 10 10
Roy 9 9 9
Paul 6 6 6
Steven 6 6 6
Yvonne 0 5 5 5
Reg 4 4 4
Pauline 3.5 3.5 3.5
Christine K 3 3 3
Margaret R 2.5 3 2.5
Gertje 1 1 1
Marie 1 1 1
Elaine 0 0.5 0.5 0.5
Linda 0.5 0.5 0.5
Michael K 0.5 0.5
Denise 0 0.5 0.5 0.5
Elizabeth 0 0 0
Marie 0 0 0

Mixed Pairs

A very good day at Huddersfield with just a couple of showers but none of the heavy rain forecast. Worthy winners and the only team to get 5 wins were Dag Nygaard and Hecky member Gemma Benson.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

In 2nd place with 4W + 23 were Chris Cann & Ted Beetham.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

3rd place went to Madge Jordon & Thierry Condette.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

BrEl, Brendan & Elizabeth came 4th with 4W + 8. Robin & Rita playing as ‘Rock n Roll’ came 5th with 3W – 5 and Roy & Sue, playing as ‘Rhythm & Soul’ scored 2W – 5 to place 7th. Great day’s play in good company and many compliments for HPC from players. Full results are on the Northern website.

Welly wanging on Yorkshire Day

Yorkshire Welly Day was a resounding success and we raised just over £250 for Yorkshire Cancer Research. Everyone had fun and the weather was kind to us, staying fine long enough for us to round people up (or roping them in) to have a go at welly throwing.
And the winner was Thomas
Lots of people helped in their own way but special thanks to Marie, Sandie, Maureen, Brendan, Bob and Nigel.
Lots more pictures on the Gallery page (above)

Qualified for the region

It took a while. Years of practice and moving to harder and harder competitions but a squad of 4 HPC players finally qualified to play for the Northern Region. Qualifiers were held in June when they played against 12 other teams of hopefuls in a round robin where they played every other team and ended up as the 9th best team in the region and 12 teams out of 13 qualified.

First outing was today in Mansfield when they played a 6 round triangular triples competition with Mercia and Heart of England regions. It was practice for the annual regional tournament which is at Hayling Island in September.  And it went very well. The squad of Roy, Brendan, Richard and Paul played 6 games and won 4 of them which was one of the best results for the 8 Northern teams. In the end the triangular competition ended with teams on 25, 24 and 23 wins. Northern were 2nd.There may be other regional matches and this squad will be eligible to play in this. Watch this space.


We recently bought 2 huge planters from the Mens workshop at Platform 1 at Huddersfield Station. About 1m by 1m by 1m they look impressive and have just been filled. KODAK Digital Still Camera

Sandra B and Christine A went to the Friends of Greenhead Park drop in meeting recently and heard that KMC were giving away plants if used in the park BUT the dates were when both ladies were away on holiday. So Christine contacted KMC and explained that we would like to take advantage of the offer but couldn’t do the dates. The outcome was that she was invited to collect plants immediately which they did with the help of a few club members. They got almost 100 plants and also enough top soil to fill the planters! Christine and Sandra spent the afternoon filling the planters, sprucing up the basket and planting the remaining plants in the garden area. And well watering everything. What stars!

KODAK Digital Still Camera

The planters look fantastic and seeing them filled with plants makes me think we should reconsider painting them. I think they look better natural and the dark green would be too much. . Christine and Sandra have done a really fantastic job today.

Triples Champions

KODAK Digital Still Camera

18 players formed 6 triples teams for this event on Sunday.
The teams were:-
  1. BROS – Brendan, Roy & Sue C
  2. Mo’s gang – Maureen, Phil & Malcolm
  3. The Girls – Sandie, Marie & Sandra
  4. The Rockers – Rita S, Robin & Bob
  5. 3 Tenners – Elaine, Amanda & Nigel
  6. JAS – Jack, Jan & Sue W
After two rounds, two teams,  The Girls and Mo’s gang were the only ones with 2 wins but they faced each other in round 3  so one of these two would win the competition. Appropriately it was the closest of finishes with The Girls winning a hard fought game 13-12 to take the trophies!
The final results were:
  1. The Girls            3W + 14
  2. BROS                  2W + 15
  3. Mo’s gang         2W + 13
  4. The Rockers      1W – 9
  5. 3 Tenners           1W – 11
  6. JAS                      0W – 23