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Fundraising progress

Thank you for all your donations so far. With your help on Just Giving we have raised £1,000 but we have also been fund raising in many other ways. Donations from members so far £580;  From Paypal £12; from major funders £1,000. From Great Yarmouth Petanque Club £25 and the total amount raised so far is £2,617. (8th Sept)

To see more about our fundraising for a clubhouse click here

Inner wheel, Holmfirth social event

Today, Huddersfield Petanque Club hosted a social event for 8 delightful ladies from the “Inner Wheel Club Holmfirth”. Since we started over 4 years ago we have had a steady stream of community organisations who have had a petanque day or a petanque afternoon. Some of them like it so much they come back every year. Inner Wheel were on their second time this Monday.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Robin & Rita hosted the event with assistance from our Photographer Roy.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

The event consisted of Introduction to Petanque, Rules of the Game, Practice & then Play.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

The winner (again) was organiser Wendy.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

A good day was had by all. If any of our Blog readers would like to have a social event with Huddersfield Petanque Club please contact the Club or look at our Club info tab and read the page about planning an away day.

Summer Wine Pairs

Report from Robin (Organiser)

The ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ Open pairs 3 round snake competition attracted 6 pairs.
The weather actually stayed fine, although looking dark & with the potential of rain.
After 2 games only one pair had won 2 games – that was Brenroy – not the most cryptic of names.

Anyway in the 3rd round they played Rock ‘n’ Roll who were in 2nd place after 2 rounds.
It was a thrilling encounter which was the last to finish, so the other teams watched & marvelled at Robin putting 3 consecutive boules by the coche & Brendan shooting them out for Brenroy to win & take the money.

A good time was had by all.
Thanks were given to Brendan for providing the red lemonade & Robin the white lemonade.

Ashes to Ashes

We entertained Heckmondwike on Tuesday. We’ve been playing this ashes fixture for four years if I remember rightly and only won it once. Here’s Robin’s report.

Hi Paul, after 3 games we had lunch delightfully prepared by Elizabeth & it was good. At that stage it was neck & neck both Huddersfield & Heckmondwike 9 games each, but with Hecky +8 ahead on points.
Sadly Huddersfield could only win 2 of the final 6 games, so we lost 13 to 11 & the Ashes went along the A62 to Heckmondwike.
Only one triple won 4 games that was the Hecky team of Georgia/Tony/Walt & therefore won the prize of a bottle of wine each.
The best Huddersfield team were Kevin, Christine & Nigel (who was substituted by Dave for the final game, which they won 13-0!!)
The game as always with Hecky was played in a very friendly, but competitive manner.

Summer melee results

It was all over last month but experienced players put in a strong performance at September’s monthly melee. Robin won the day but the overall summer season was won by Paul. Marie continued her impressive run of successes with 3rd and Sandra B showed she can really play to take 2nd.  40 different players took part and only 1 managed to play in all 6 events. October melee starts on the 7th then the following dates move to second Sunday. Check your diaries now! Presentation of trophy in October.

Player Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Total Adj
Paul 13 13 12 38 38
Marie 11 6.5 13 11 41.5 35
Richard 10 9.5 10 11 40.5 31
Robin 7 10 2 13 32 30
Sue 3.5 6.5 7 1.5 10 8.5 37 25.5
Roger L 5 13 7 25 25
Amanda 12 4.5 0 6.5 23 23
Christine K 11 8.5 0 2.5 22 22
Maureen 3.5 8 6 7 24.5 21
Rita S 9 12 0 21 21
Phil 1 11 8 20 20
Christine A 3 12 3 18 18
Sandra B 6 12 18 18
Nigel 0 8.5 9 0 17.5 17.5
Roy 13 4 17 17
Yvonne 11 4 15 15
Kevin 9.5 5 0 14.5 14.5
Fred 5.5 4 5 14.5 14.5
Malcolm 4 10 14 14
Reg 12 0 0.5 12.5 12.5
Rita P 2 9 0.5 11.5 11.5
Mary 0 4.5 6 10.5 10.5
Bob 8 0 2 0 10 10
Alasdair 0 0 8.5 8.5 8.5
Brendan 0 0 8 8 8
Barrie 2 5 7 7
Janet 6.5 6.5 6.5
Pauline 3 3 6 6
Margaret 5.5 5.5 5.5
Elaine 1.5 0 2.5 4 4
Sandie 1 0 1 2 2
Jack 1 1 1
Pete 0 0 0
Michael 0 0 0
David W 0 0 0
Elizabeth 0 0 0
Sandra L 0 0 0
Maggie 0 0 0
ian 0 0 0

Match abandoned

Today was a match between Great Yarmouth PC and Huddersfield PC as part of their Tour de Yorkshire. Yesterday they played and beat Heckmondwike and today we had a 4 round competition with a lunch in the middle scheduled. As I drove to the terrain there were a few spots of rain but we started on time at 10am.

The format was pairs and timed at 50 minutes. Each club fielded 5 pairs. The rain gradually increased in intensity.

After the first round it was 4-1 to Great Yarmouth but in the second round Huddersfield won 3-2 and by the end of the second round we realised we weren’t going to get 4 rounds in. There were 2 options  – play one more then lunch or lunch and forget the rest of the games. While we were thinking about this the puddles became larger and the decision was to abandon the match. The score at the halfway point was 6-4 to Great Yarmouth with a points difference of 14.

Shame about the shortened game – it was keenly fought with a few games decided by just one point. It could have gone either way but we’ll never know. Best Huddersfield team was Sue & Marie with 2 wins out of 2. Brilliant lunch by Elizabeth.

Great Yarmouth presented us with a box of Norfolk fudge and a donation to our clubhouse project. A good day but could have been better.


An inspector calls

Last week we had a couple of visitors who tried the game. Albert and Rebecca threw a few boules and seemed to enjoy themselves.  There were no cars near our terrain so they weren’t on Point Duty and they were not carrying any guns so there was no shooting (but they were beginners). We suggested a pétanque tournament for the Police federation and they seemed quite interested having had a Crown green event for officers recently. Watch this space.


Double Elimination Knockout

Sounds painful but it’s a nice format as after the first round even the teams that have lost still have a chance of winning a prize. This is what you do. First hope that entries are a multiple of 4. If so draw the teams from a hat. 1 plays 2, 3 plays 4 etc. You can find preprinted sheets on the net to do this or do your own. After the first round of games winners progress to the main prize but those who lose move into the consolage competition.

We did the draw for the consolage by saying first to lose is 1, next to lose is 2 etc. So after the first round both competitions are programmed to the end. Let it roll.

We took £1 from every player and we were lucky to have 16 players. Winners of main prize (Kevin & Christine today) won £10. Winners of consolage (Robin & Rita) won £6. Players who lost both their first 2 games were eliminated and played a friendly game at the end.

Several positive comments about the format at the end. Little did they know we were lucky to have a multiple of 4. If you are unlucky and have a funny number of teams you have to have a preliminary round where the best 4 (or 8 or 16) progress to the next round and the rest enter the consolage which then does the same type of preliminary round and the best 4 (or 8). If you have odd number of pairs so may need one team to play a bye and win 13-7.

It can all be done with a pen and a piece of paper on the day and being as scores don’t matter just wins players can be more aggressive rather than playing to “limit the damage” and “keep in touch  with the other side”.