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Members Melee July 7th

Kevin and Sue were the 3 game winners. Here’s the league table.

 Apr May Jun  Jul  Aug  Sep Total Adj
Rita 11 13 13 2.5 39.5 37
Nigel 13 7 12 32 32
Sue 5 8 11 12 36 31
Sandra 8 5 9.5 11 33.5 28.5
Robin 9 9 9.5 27.5 27.5
Jack 12 8 20 20
Richard 10 10 20 20
Phil 11 8 19 19
Amanda 0 6.5 10 16.5 16.5
Kevin 13 13 13
Malcolm 4 2 7 13 13
Sandy 12 0 12 12
Bob 3 3.5 4 10.5 10.5
Alasdair 7 3 10 10
Roy 9 9 9
Maureen 2 6 8 8
Jack 6.5 6.5 6.5
Paul 6 6 6
Steven 6 6 6
Brendan 0 0.5 5 5.5 5.5
Yvonne 0 5 5 5
Christine A 4 4 4
Pauline 3.5 3.5 3.5
Margaret R 2.5 2.5 2.5
Sandie 0.5 2 2.5 2.5
Gertje 1 1 1
Marie 1 1 1
Elaine 0 0.5 0.5 0.5
Linda 0.5 0.5 0.5
Denise 0 0 0
Elizabeth 0 0 0
Marie 0 0 0

Club Pairs Champions are…

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Alasdair & Yvonne

The club’s 2019 Pairs competition took place on Sunday June 30th. Members played a 3 round snake. After round 1 everyone enjoyed a break for Strawberries and Prosecco! After 3 rounds only one team had won all 3 games and were the clear winners. This was Alasdair and Yvonne playing as the Hibernators. In second place on 2W +13 were Sandra B and Malcolm, team name A.N.Other, and with 2W + 10 to get third place were Maureen and Richard playing as  Jammy Dodgers.

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As Easy as…

On a Saturday there was different format for a change. 10 teams of triples from around the region had entered an all day 123 event. Each team played 8 games but each player only played 5. This included singles. It was strange format not well understood at the beginning but people gradually worked it out.


Good news was that it  all went smoothly and finished around 4 after a 1030 start and the winning team had 2 HPC members in it. The second place had 3 HPC members. Read a longer report at Huddersfield 123 event.

W Pts
1st Three Peaks 6 29
2nd Greenheads B 5 14
3rd Rosanal 5 9
4th Interlopers 4 5
5th Last of the summer wine 4 -12
6th Greenhead A 4 -19
7th LSD 3 16
8th Hecky C 3 -1
9th Hecky B 3 -24
10th Hecky A 2 -17

Crystal Maze

Roy, Paul & Brendan entered the London Petanque Club Crystal Palace event in early June. It had 128 teams from all over Europe and most of them were very very good.

We played a team of French giants in our 3rd game. They were 6 ft 5, 6 ft 7 & 6 ft 8. They were a family who came from a village in the Dordogne and I asked them when we met how they had grown so tall. The answer was “Eating Duck and truffles”. They beat us but I took a fantastic photo. See more about the event by clicking on this link…crystal

Thurstonland 9 – 13 Huddersfield

Sunday 9th saw an Open Day at the new Boules pitch in Thurstonland. Two members from Huddersfield called in to see how  it turned out as we’d known it was being done but it’s taken longer than planned. It’s very well made with new wooden sleepers surrounding a 2 lane terrain with gravel path running around it.

It’s dedicated to David Stubbs who was instrumental in starting off the project some years ago but didn’t live to see it finished.

It joins other villages in Kirklees with a boules terrain such as Honley, Lepton and there are some planned in Brockholes, Kirkburton and maybe elsewhere. Maybe soon there will be a competition for these villages.

At the opening there was paté on toast, red wine, a selection of cakes and a group of interested people including David’s family and some parish and KMC councillors.

After some small talk a game took place between Thurstonland and Huddersfield. At first Thurstonland played well and raced into a 5-0 lead but gradually as Huddersfield got used to the soft surface they finished strongly and Paul & Roy beat Peter and David 13-9. If you look closely in the first picture you can see a boule flying through the air at 2 o’clock.

Quadruple Event

Tuesday was the all day event with Wiggington, Bridlington and Hollicarrs all travelling to Huddersfield. It was the equivalent of three league matches on the same day.

The format was based on the leagues that exist in the region. 2 triples and 3 pairs made up one league fixture. With 4 teams attending it was like playing 3 leagues fixtures in one day. Each team played the other 3. Because it could have been a long day as often league games will take well over an hour to finish every game was limited to 50 minutes so there would be no hanging around waiting for long games to finish. Games could therefore end before anyone reached 13 and there may be draws!

It was the second such event. In the first quadruple event in June 2018 Wiggington and Huddersfield tied for 1st place and were only separated by points difference. Wiggy won.

This week Huddersfield won the early games but Bridlington finished strongly and were winners on the day.

As well as playing 15 games all the teams had a fabulous lunch provided by Elizabeth and had the chance to test their all weather gear as the last hour featured some heavy rain. Bridlington won 10 of their games. Huddersfield 8, Wigginton 7 and Hollicarrs 4.

We’ll be doing it again in the Autumn at either Brid or Hollicarrs. Above are some members of the winning Bridlington team receiving an enormous trophy and their prize money from Roy.