League review



On Sunday at 1pm we’re hoping to have a chat about the recent league season. This meeting will be indoors probably in the big room near the bowling greens but if we can’t get that we’ll be  in the little ‘park ranger’ room.

Anyone welcome who played in the league (or wanted to). We want all your feedback, good and bad, nothing is sacred so we can make our league teams better for the next time.

It will only take 30 minutes we hope…. We’ll play afterwards. If it’s raining we may talk longer.

If you can’t make it to the meeting you can talk to one of the league captains or email us with your thoughts at huddersfieldpetanque@outlook.com


1 thought on “League review

  1. Reg Gay

    Hi Roy

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Personally I enjoyed the opportunity to represent the Club in these league matches having never played one before. Playing one game per week, home or away, was ideal. It also gave me the chance to play with other members in a different way to the social meetings.

    I am aware that Harry from Mirfield wants the league matches played in a couple of weeks but I think that is not only unworkable but would surely be unpopular.

    Thanks for giving me the chance to play in the successful Team2 and I hope it continues on the same format.

    Reg From a very wet southern Spain.



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