Qualified for the region

It took a while. Years of practice and moving to harder and harder competitions but a squad of 4 HPC players finally qualified to play for the Northern Region. Qualifiers were held in June when they played against 12 other teams of hopefuls in a round robin where they played every other team and ended up as the 9th best team in the region and 12 teams out of 13 qualified.

First outing was today in Mansfield when they played a 6 round triangular triples competition with Mercia and Heart of England regions. It was practice for the annual regional tournament which is at Hayling Island in September.  And it went very well. The squad of Roy, Brendan, Richard and Paul played 6 games and won 4 of them which was one of the best results for the 8 Northern teams. In the end the triangular competition ended with teams on 25, 24 and 23 wins. Northern were 2nd.There may be other regional matches and this squad will be eligible to play in this. Watch this space.

3 thoughts on “Qualified for the region

  1. nigel kain

    shame there was no one at greenhead park[HUDDERSFIELD;S HOME ]to open hut so the 2 members and 2 potential 2 from over Bury way, who made do and had 3 games,

  2. nigel

    nice picture, shame there was no one to open hut at Greenhead Park [home of HUDDERSIELD PETANQUE] Especial] when there was 2 potential members from who came from near Bury[,not a good advert for club] but we managed [of sorts] 3 games

    1. Roy

      Colin and Barbara, our visitors from Bury, had been in contact with me prior to their visit and I had told them that it was possible that not many members would be at the club on Sunday, particularly if the weather was poor. I encouraged them to come on Tuesday which they did and they took away the club information leaflets. I apologised for not being able to meet them at the club on Sunday. They brushed that aside and said they fully understood and congratulated the club on having 4 members representing Northern on that day


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