And the winner is…

winnerSunday 25th May. First Club competition is a 3 round melee and 10 people turn up. First real exposure to a competitive format but everyone copes well and after 3 hard fought rounds the winner is Michael who wins all 3 games. Sandra also wins 3 but Michael has a better points difference. Malcolm is 3rd with 2 wins.


Post script.



The club needs a gazebo. We’ve looked around on ebay  and Argos and we could buy one for about £20 but we wonder if any club member has one they don’t want in their garage.

Any colour will do; sides are a bonus : Any size will be OK. If you have one to donate please let us know.


DVDs to borrow.

Roy has acquired from Northern region  2 DVDs about how to play Petanque. Ask him on a club day to borrow them and improve your game.

Next Competition is Tuesday 10th June.

One thought on “And the winner is…

  1. Roy Henstock

    Great afternoons play on Sunday. Really enjoyed our first club competition!
    The DVDs I have are ‘Basic Coaching’ by the EPA & ‘Ma Methode’ by Marco Foyot.


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