Next Competition

green boulesWeather forecast looks good for Sunday and also for Tuesday 10th June which will be our second competition. Like the first it will be a melee so any number can play – just turn up 10 minutes before the start time of 1pm to be allocated a partner for the first round of games.

There’ll be a second and third round with a random partner each time and we’ll keep score as we go.  The winner will be the person who wins most games. In the event of two or more with the same number of wins we’ll look at points difference to determine the winners.

Club members only. No entry fee. No prizes. Roy will be organising the games and keeping the score. We have some spare boules to lend you. Be early !!

1 thought on “Next Competition

  1. Roy Henstock

    It would be great if someone would volunteer to help me with the admin. on Tuesday as both Paul and Sue are away.. I have score sheets from Paul and it is very straightforward but it’s the first time I’ve attempted it. It’s a simple matter of recording everyones name and result (W/L) and the points for and against – what could possibly go wrong?


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